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The Central
Labelling Agency

The Central Labelling Agency (CLA) is a not-for-profit association incorporated under Belgian law. Its goal is to enlarge the impact and substance of sustainable saving and investing. And to substantially strengthen the qualitative approach to sustainable financial products.

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Advisory Commission

The Advisory Commission consists of experts in sustainable investing. Their expertise may follow from their education, experience or function as/within asset managers, banks, insurance companies, retail and institutional investors, industry, civil society organisations, experts, governmental organisations and supervisory authorities.

All members participate in the Advisory Commission on a personal title and not as a representative of their organisation.


The purposes of the Advisory Commission with regard to the biennial review are:

  • to foster an open unbiased dialogue between experts, where technical views, practical experience and common sense inform the debate on sustainable savings and investments
  • to advise the CLA Board of Directors on the direction in which the Quality Standard should evolve, based on the professional expertise and experience of the Advisory Commission's members.
Historical composition 2020-2021 review


Michael anseeuw
Michael Anseeuw

Michael is Executive Board Member of BNP Paribas Fortis. He has been working in banking since 2001, holding different positions both in headquarters and business divisions. Since late 2014, Michael has been heading the retail banking activities of BNP Paribas Fortis. Prior to working in banking, he worked as a management consultant and founded an internet start-up late in the 90’s. Michael holds a degree of Civil Engineering option Physics of the University of Ghent.

Thierry bennert
Thierry Bennert

Thierry holds a master in economics and finance at ICHEC and in applied economics from the University of Leuven. Thierry has years of experience as a financial business analyst and worked several years as a business manager and head of asset management at Assubel & Mensura before becoming the treasurer at the Université Catholique de Louvain. In his current role, Thierry is responsible for the management of the treasury, equities and government bonds portfolio of the university.

Isabelle cabie
Isabelle Cabie

Isabelle has been the Global Head of Sustainable and Responsible Development at Candriam from 2010 to 2016 before becoming its Global Head of Corporate Responsible Development. She also is a member of the UNPRI Francophonie Advisory Committee. Isabelle shares her extensive knowledge of SRI in several workgroups promoting ESG in asset management. Isabelle has a Master’s degree in Economics from Namur University.

Anneleen de bonte
Anneleen De Bonte

Anneleen, a general practitioner by education, currently is a project manager at Blenders, a socially relevant incubator. Together with FairFin, she constitued ‘Duurzaam Pensioen’, an initiative to create a pension fund for self-employed people in the healthcare sector. Since June 2020, Anneleen also is a member of the Solifin Ethics Committee.

Johan fastenakels
Johan Fastenakels

Johan has a PhD in Mathematics from the KU Leuven. Following his years as a research assistant in mathematics, Johan became a financial analyst at KBC Asset Management where he obtained extensive knowledge of industry and operational trends. Johan currently also assumes the role of coordinating Sustainability Research at KBC.

Ben granje
Ben Granjé

Ben holds a Master of Psychology and is the owner of Beconomics, a consulting firm dedicated to Investor Education and behavioral finance. Currently, he serves as CEO for the Individual Investor Federation in Belgium, the VFB (Vlaamse Federatie van Beleggers). His prior experience includes over a decade at Morningstar, a company committed to sustainable investment and investor behavior. Ben is co-author of several investment books and an international speaker at investment conferences.

Ulrike kohl
Ulrike Kohl

Ulrike, who has a master in political science and sociology, currently is a policy analyst at the DG FISMA (the European Commission directorate responsible for EU policy on financial services). Prior to this function, Ulrike held positions at the Autorité des Marchés Financiers in Paris and she headed the German Association of Investment and Asset Management.

Olivier Marquet

In the initial review of the Quality Standard, Olivier, in his capacity of chair of the CLA Board of Directors, also presided over the Advisory Commission.

Filip perneel
Filip Perneel

Filip is a financial analyst and fund specialist for Test-Aankoop Invest. Test-Aankoop Invest’s mission is to provide independent financial information and education relating to financial matters.

Lieve schreurs
Lieve Schreurs

Lieve has obtained a master in Romanic languages and started her career with ING Bank as a trainee before enrolling into Correspondent banking and product and project management functions in Marketing & Communications. Banking got another meaning to Lieve when she joined Triodos Bank Belgium where she currently is Manager Corporate Communications. The integral and consequent sustainable approach of Triodos Bank following on from the principle that “every human is responsible for the consequences of his economic actions for fellow human beings and for the earth” is what drives and motivates her.

Wim vermeir
Wim Vermeir

Wim Vermeir is Chief Investment Officer for AG Insurance and Ageas and is repsonsible for the investment portfolios. Wim also is the president of the financial committee of the King Baudouin Foundation. He worked before in different investment functions for Bacob and Candriam, where he started the sustainable and responsible investment activity. Wim has a master of civil engineer in physics and an MBA from the University of Ghent. He published about SRI and about venture capital.

Maarten vleesschouwer
Maarten Vleeschhouwer

Maarten is head of PACTA, a portfolio climate alignment tool developed by 2° Investing Initiative, a non-profit think tank working to align financial markets with climate goals. Prior to joining 2° Investing Initiative, he was a seconded national expert on sustainable finance for the European Commission. Maarten’s work mainly focused on EU Taxonomy, the EU Green Bond Standard, and the Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance. He was seconded on behalf of the Dutch Central Bank, where Maarten also worked on sustainable finance and climate-related risks.

Paul windels
Paul Windels

Paul is Director Risk and Finance at Assuralia, the umbrella association of Belgian and foreign insurance and reinsurance companies operating in Belgium. He holds a PhD in applied economics from the Ghent University and is a lecturer at the KULeuven for courses in insurance and sustainable finance.


Representative of the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA)
Romain david
Romain David

Romain holds a master degree in Management of Social and Sustainable Enterprises from HEC Liège (2019) and a specialization in Banking and Asset Management. He joined the Centre for Social Economy (CES) in October 2019 as a PhD student. His PhD research focuses on the socially responsible investments.


Luc Van Liedekerke

Luc is invited to the Advisory Commission in his capacity of chair of the CLA Eligibility Commission.

Tom Van den Berghe

Tom is invited to the Advisory Commission in his capacity of managing director of the CLA.