Biodiversity Event 28/06/24: Speakers

Sebastien Godinot, Senior Economist, WWF Europe

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Sebastien Godinot

Sebastian Godinot has worked in the environmental sector for 23 years and is currently the senior economist of WWF European Policy Office and Head of the Sustainable finance unit. His area of expertise lies in private and public finance, budgetary and subsidy issues, and the wider issue of sustainable economy. He has 13 years of experience in EU finance policy.

He is leading a WWF programme aiming at reforming EU financial policies to integrate sustainability requirements - focusing in particular on the EU Action Plan on sustainable finance and the Strategy for Financing the Transition to a Sustainable Economy. He is a member of the ESMA Consultative Working Group of the Sustainability Standing Committee. Before becoming a member of the EFRAG Administrative Board, he was a member of its General Assembly. He was a member of the EU Platform on sustainable finance in 2020-22, working intensively on the EU taxonomy.

Mr Godinot holds a postgraduate degree in Environmental Law from the University of Strasbourg, a Master’s degree in Private and Economic Law at Lyon University and holds a diploma in Business Management from Lyon Business School, one of the most renowned French business schools.