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Towards Sustainability label

A sustainable financial product for everyone

No matter what your personal story is or where your interests lie, the Towards Sustainability label leads the way to socially responsible and sustainable investing and saving.

Sustainability themes

Sustainability themes

Devoted to green energy, an avid advocate for biodiversity or you want to support human development? Choose the product and theme that make your heart skip a beat!

Risk profile

Risk profile

Are you comfortable with volatility of investment returns? Or inclined to play it safe? Select a product that matches your financial risk profile.



You have specific expectations you don't want to compromise on? We’ve analysed each product so you know how good it scores on different sustainability issues.



Time to invest some money but not planning on changing brand? Or maybe it’s exactly the opposite: time to take a look over the fence? Determine the manager of your preference.

Type of product

Type of product

You prefer one type of product over another? Or are you just looking for an alternative to a savings account? No problem. Just indicate which types of products you’re interested in.

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Sustainable investing

The Towards Sustainability label offers an important assurance: all labelled products come with a minimal level of sustainability. We verify all products against a strong quality standard to ensure seriousness and depth of sustainability integration. The label constitutes a lower bound to expand upon with your own personal convictions, sustainability preferences and expectations.

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Supervised by the CLA

A label you can trust

Independent supervision by the Towards Sustainability Labelling Agency (CLA) protects the integrity of the quality standard and the label. We take it upon us to assure you as an investor that the financial product is managed with sustainability in mind – relieving you from doing a detailed analysis yourself. However, if you want to do your own due diligence, you can find all the necessary details.

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