The Label

Making sustainability
in finance the norm

We work towards a world where socially responsible and sustainable financial products are the norm. To scale up our impact and get all investors and financial institutions on board, we will gradually increase the level of sustainable products. Both qualitatively and quantitatively. From where we’re standing, the future looks sustainable!

Label intro
Label Minimal level of sustainability

The Towards Sustainability Label offers an important assurance: all labelled products come with a minimal level of sustainability, measured by the Towards Sustainability Quality Standard. As an investor, it’s up to you to fill in the blanks, according your own personal convictions, sustainability preferences and expectations.

Our aim: offer clarity

Towards Sustainability attaches great importance to transparency. We aim to provide relevant and helpful information that enables you to determine if the policy of a specific product is in line with your personal convictions. Without having to go through too much effort. A financial product will only receive the label after fulfilling a set of portfolio and process level requirements.

ESG embedded investing

Being in line with the quality standard reflects a consideration for social responsibility. It implies decision-making in which social, environmental and governance issues are a determining factor. As a result, the long-term financial solidity and resilience of that product is also safeguarded.

Label Sustainability is a journey

Sustainability is a journey

We don’t pretend to define the strictest sustainable product, but acknowledge the evolutive and aspirational character of sustainability. The progress made on that road – and the degree of sustainability – will differ between products, depending on their strategy and level of ambition.

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