The Label_

Independent supervision and verification

Independent supervision by the Central Labelling Agency (CLA) protects the integrity of the quality standard and the label. The CLA manages their continuing development and appoints a third-party verifier. This Verifier performs the technical and in-depth verification of the alignment of products applying for the label. In addition, the Verifier monitors ongoing compliance and audits the product manager.

Label intro

Independent supervision

  • Chair (independent)
  • Independent directors
  • Financial sector directors
Eligibilitiy Commission
  • Chair (independent)
  • Independent experts
  • Financial sector experts
Advisory Commission
  • Chair (non-financial)
  • Civil society actors
  • Financial sector actors

Multi-level verification by the Verifier


Methodology screening

  • Sustainability strategies
  • Compliant investment policies - ESG due diligence - Exclusions
  • Internal organisation - processes - data sources
Methodology screening

Portfolio Composition Check

  • Focus on do no harm criteria
  • 10% of portfolios per manager per year
Portfolio Composition Check

Regular monitoring

  • Throughout the year
  • Focus on high-risk sector exposures
Regular monitoring


  • Annual record of temporary non-compliance

On-site Audit

  • Each manager is visited once every 3 year
On site Audit

The Verifier consortium

The verifier consortium Forum Ethibel
Forum Ethibel

A non-profit organisation with 30 years of experience in ESG auditing and certification.

The verifier consortium Ichec
ICHEC Brussels Management School

A Brussels-based management school focussed on transversal research and developing transdisciplinary expertise such as sustainable business models and sustainable finance.

The verifier consortium Universiteit Antwerpen
University of Antwerp

Its Faculty of Business and Economics provides high-quality academic education and scientific research in management and economics, with a focus on sustainability and internationalization.