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sustainable products

The Towards Sustainability label helps all types of retail and institutional investors looking for more sustainable savings and investment solutions. Which in its turn encourages financial institutions to offer a diverse and high quality range of sustainable products. Ready to apply with your sustainable products?

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Application journey


You send us a complete application file before the cycle's deadline.


The Verifier checks the completeness of your file.


The Verifier performs an in-depth analysis of your application.
If necessary, you are contacted to provide additional clarifications.


The Verifier sends its assessment report to the CLA where it is discussed by the Eligibility Commission.
The Eligibility Commission sends its advice about whether the product should be awarded the label, to the Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors decides to award the label or not.


You are informed about the decision.

Application package

The application package consists of:

  • A document about the application and verification procedure, and the fee structure
  • The application letter, including a list of required documents
  • The conformity matrix, that should be completed for all products
  • The base text of the Quality Standard and additional technical information
  • The optional signatory commitment letter

Awarding cycles 2023

Applicants can apply for labels four times per year, and they are typically awarded 3 months after the application deadline.
Labels are valid for one year and can be extended once for another year, upon notification.
When a new version of the Quality Standard (QS) enters into force, all existing labels need to be renewed.

31Dec 22

Deadline for initial applications.

31Mar 23

Deadline for initial applications. Last possibility to apply under the 2021 version of the QS.

Deadline for notifications of extension for already labelled products.

30Jun 23

No applications possible in this cycle, due to publication of the new 2023 version of the QS.

30Sep 23

Deadline for initial applications. First applications under the 2023 version of the QS.

31Dec 23

Deadline for initial applications.

Deadline for renewal, under the 2023 version of the QS, of already labelled products .


* You will receive the application package after the CLA has treated your demand.