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The Central
Labelling Agency

The Central Labelling Agency (CLA) is a not-for-profit association incorporated under Belgian law. Its goal is to enlarge the impact and substance of sustainable saving and investing. And to substantially strengthen the qualitative approach to sustainable financial products.

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Board of directors

The CLA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of members from outside the financial sector, e.g. academia and civil society, and members from the financial sector. The number of Financial Sector Directors cannot exceed the number of Independent Directors.


The Board of Directors is responsible for all the tasks and duties conferred to it under the Code of Companies and Associations (the “CCA”) and the articles of association. All board members should uphold the highest standards of integrity and probity. In addition, the Board of Directors has three main tasks.


Supervise the CLA

The Board of Directors supervises the operations of the CLA and the procedures governing the labelling process. It so ensures the proper functioning and credibility of the ‘Towards Sustainability’ label. The Board may initiate and decide upon any actions towards realising the aims of the CLA.


Update the Quality Standard

The Board of Directors ensures that the Quality Standard remains compatible with regulatory and market developments. The Board of Directors decides upon changes to the Quality Standard, after consultation of the Advisory Commission and based on proposals by the Eligibility Commission.


Award the label

The Board of Directors decides on the awarding of the ‘Towards Sustainability’ label to individual products, based on the advice received from the Eligibility Commission. In its decision-making the Board of Directors will focus on safeguarding the internal coherence of the advices received from the Eligibility Commission and on the integrity of the awarding process.


Independent directors

Olivier Marquet - Chair

Until recently, Olivier was Director General of UNICEF Belgium and before he was Managing Director of Triodos Bank Belgium (2003-2015). During his time at Triodos, he gave more than 100 conferences on sustainable finance and gave his advice to a number of social and environmental associations. With a long career and expertise in sustainable investment, he is currently member of the advisory committee of the Louvain School of Management and of the King Baudouin Foundation.

Ben Granjé (Beconomics/VFB)

Ben holds a Master of Psychology from Ghent University and is the owner of Beconomics, a consulting firm dedicated to Investor Education & Behaviour. He is CEO and board member for the Individual Investor Federation in Belgium VFB VZW (Vlaamse Federatie van Beleggers) and holds additional mandates in several investment-related bodies, such as the H2020-Level EEI project team & advisory council, and the ESMA Stakeholders Group. Prior experience includes over a decade at Morningstar and several years in Banking/Investment Advisory. Ben is co-author of several investment books and a speaker at international investment conferences (often on Sustainable investment).

Anne Catherine
Anne-Cathérine Husson-Traoré (Novéthic)

Anne-Cathérine is an expert of sustainable finance and CEO of Novethic. In 2008 Novethic launched the first European SRI label. Novethic had a partnership with FNG to develop a sustainable finance label for German speaking countries. Since its start in 2001, Novethic provides data on SRI market initially for French market and now on European level for labelled funds, green and sustainble funds. Novethic analyses the big trends on Sustainable Finance Market and help French Asset owners to share the best European practices. In 2017, she joined the EU High-Level Expert Group on sustainable finance (HLEG) which final reports has guided and inspired the European Commission Strategy on Sustainable Finance.

Dieter Vander Beke (ICDO/FIDO)

Dieter is Managing Director of the Belgian Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FISD), the successor of the Public Planning Service for Sustainable Development (PSS SD). After working for a decade in different ministerial cabinets and the administration as policy advisor on social economy and sustainable development, he started work for the PSS SD in 2008 to coordinate the Sustainable Production and Consumption unit.

Antoon Vandevelde (KU Leuven)

Antoon is an economist and a philosopher. He became emeritus professor at KU Leuven in October 2017 and continues his research and teaching. His great number of publications includes articles and books mainly in the field of economic ethics and political philosophy. He was full professor at the Institute of Philosophy of KU Leuven. Between 2007 and 2014 he was Dean of the Institute.

Financial sector directors

Karel Baert (Febelfin)

Karel is CEO of Febelfin, the Belgium federation of the financial sector. Before joining Febelfin he was Partner with Egon Zehnder, a global leadership advisory firm where he was a core member of their Financial Services and Public Sector Practice Groups serving banks, supervisors and multilateral organizations on an international basis. Karel started his career as an attorney and afterwards held management and board positions at Deutsche Bank, Bpost and Bpost Bank.

Marc van de gucht
Marc Van de Gucht (BEAMA)

Marc is Director Asset Management & Private Banking at Febelfin, the Belgium federation of the financial sector and Director General of BEAMA, the Belgian Asset Managers Association (BEAMA). Before joining Febelfin he was 5 years Director at Compagnie de Banque Privée Quilvest (CBP Quilvest). He started his career in the dealing room of a Japanese bank and afterwards joined the Belgian Banking & Finance Commission (now FSMA) where he worked for 24 years in various positions, specialising in private banks and asset management companies. He’s also visiting lecturer at the EHSAL Management School where he teaches in the postgraduate program “asset management “. He’s a board member of EFAMA, the European Asset Managers Association.

Tom Van den Berghe (Febelfin)

Tom is Director Sustainable Finance at Febelfin, the Belgian federation of the financial sector. In his current role, he led the development of the Towards Sustainability Quality Standard and label. He is also responsible for a wide range of sustainable finance issues, going from sustainable lending and investing, ESG data collection, circular economy and biodiversity. He studied philosophy and started his career at the Belgian Asset Managers Association (BEAMA).

Bart Vandermeiren (Assuralia)

Bart is Director of the Life and Health Insurance Department and member of the Management Board of Assuralia, the professional association of insurance and reinsurance companies operating in Belgium. Thanks to his actuarial background combined with his more than two decades of expertise in life and pension insurance issues, he serves also as an active member of the Advisory Commission of Supplementary Pensions, and of the National Pension Committee of the Belgian Government.