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The Central
Labelling Agency

The Central Labelling Agency (CLA) is a not-for-profit association incorporated under Belgian law. Its goal is to enlarge the impact and substance of sustainable saving and investing. And to substantially strengthen the qualitative approach to sustainable financial products.

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The Central Labelling Agency

The CLA consists of three bodies:


The Board of Directors supervises the CLA, updates the Quality Standard, and awards the Towards Sustainability label.


The Eligibility Commission advises the Board of Directors on awarding the Towards Sustainability label to individual products, based on the assessment reports received from the independent Verifier.


The Advisory Commission advises the Board of Directors on changes to the Quality Standard.

The Verifier is independent of the CLA. It is appointed by the CLA to perform the technical and in-depth verification of the alignment of the products applying for the Towards Sustainability label.

  • Chair (independent)
  • Independent directors
  • Financial sector directors
Eligibilitiy Commission
  • Chair (independent)
  • Independent experts
  • Financial sector experts
Advisory Commission
  • Chair (non-financial)
  • Civil Society actors
  • Financial sector actors